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Malcolm- Two things I forgot to mention.

Although the bearings are oil lubricated, I always pack the rears just like the front bearings. Do this after installing the seals and bearings, and it will ensure that they will be well lubed from the start

With the nut, not sure what you use to remove and tighten it, but I have made a special socket. I read on the Counties pages at one time about a special motor bike spanner that is the correct size. Perhaps you could check this with the counties spares people. I always use a general thread lock compound on the nut as well. Don’t forget to bed the washer tab onto one of the nut flats, or perhaps even two of them.

One final thing is to check the tightness of the studs. On both A70 and 90 wheel studs, over the years I have had these loosen. Use two base and 7/16″ BSF??? (perhaps not the same as early A70/90’s) and with one nut flush with the end of the stud, place the stud onto a steel plate and use a very blunt chisel, carefully spread the groove at the rear of the stud. Perhaps though, later model may have had the rear of the stud welded. This process should also be used to check the tightness
of the front studs, though in 50 years I have only ever experienced the loosening with the rears, because of the “driving” force

All the best-Peter