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Hi Peter,
Sorry I did not get the notes you sent to my mailbox.

I had another new clutch kit sent up from club spares and fitted it on Saturday, clutch is working fine now. Just can’t get it into reverse gear, think that is a problem with the linkage because the selector cable seems to be tight. I did get it into reverse once but then the gear leaver was stuck in reverse, I had to lift the C leaver under the bonnet to release the gear leaver.

My original problem of the rattle in the bell housing was caused by a spring coming out of the clutch plate, the fast idle is an unrelated issue, think it may be the head bolts needing tightened after a recent cylinder head gasket change.

Second problem, after fitting the first new clutch, was the release leaver plate on the clutch assembly was too low resulting in the release bearing fork rubbing against the clutch assembly when the clutch pedal was fully depressed. I compared the newest clutch assembly to the first one I was sent and the release leaver plate was about 13mm higher on the newest one. The first one was reconditioned by the looks of it and must not have been gauged\adjusted properly.

Thanks for all your help. I didn’t have a clue about gearbox\clutch at the start, hence some silly questions and stabbing in the dark, however I feel like a veteran now lol.