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Hi Malcolm,
I no longer have a Somerset (Just the 16 now) but I owned a Somerset for many years. I always used General purpose grease for all the suspension and steering joints and drove many, many miles but never wore out, even as much as a track rod end. My thoughts are that as long as you use a good grease and use it regularly then the joint is lubricated. I know there are those that argue that oil is a ‘must’. I have the same discussions over oiling or greasing ‘Trunnions’ on the Triumph style susp. 150,000 miles on that suspension – and all greased.
As for the grease nipple size – I can’t help but suggest in the first instance you just unscrew your nipple and try squirting some grease through it by plugging directly into your grease gun. Most respond to that or a soaking in paraffin if the grease has gone hard.
Recommended lubricants would be in the hand book but I’d have to see if I still have one here. Let me know if you want me to look it out.
In any event – Good Luck!

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