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Hi Peter,

Tried to email you but your email system rejected my email for security reasons. Here is the extract from the manual.

Running Adjustments
The only necessary adjustment is to restore the
free movement of the clutch pedal (i.e. movement of
the pedal before the release bearing comes into contact
with the release lever plate and commences to withdraw
the clutch). As the driven plate linings wear, the free
movement of the pedal will gradually decrease, thus
tending to prevent the clutch fully engaging and permitting
too great a movement on withdrawal. This free
movement must be maintained at the correct amount,
which is approximately 3/4-in. (19. 05 mm.).
Adjustment is made by altering the effective length
of the rod between pedal and clutch operating lever or
the clutch shaft end (see Figs. I and 4). To increase
the movement first slacken the locknut and screw out
the adjusting rod by means of its hexagon head. Finally
tighten the locknut.
In all cases adjustment must be such as to allow
this free movement to be felt by the pressure of one
finger on the clutch pedal.
To ascertain the amount of free movement, depress
the pedal until the resistance of the clutch springs is felt.
The 3/4-in. (19. 05 mm.) of free movement in the
pedal will give a minimum clearance of 3/32 – 1/8-in. (2. 38-
3.17 mm.) between the graphite release bearing and the
release lever plate, thus preventing continual rubbing of
the release bearing on the plate.