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Hi Peter,
When I said the housing I was meaning the clutch cover assembly that bolts to the fly wheel.

I am sure I put the raised center section of the clutch plate towards the gearbox, I remember checking it to make sure, the raised section fits into the cover assembly and stops the plate sliding about too much. Wish I had taken a picture before I fitted it now just to be 100% sure, I’m doubting myself now.

The Somerset has a mechanical linkage and a carbon thrust bearing, this is where I am not sure if I have set the clearance correctly and if incorrect setting of the clearance would be causing my problem. At the moment the pedal is near the floor before it starts grinding and I feel feedback through the pedal. Is the thrust bearing maybe just touching the release leaver plate on the cover assembly but not releasing the clutch plate? So the thrust bearing is just sitting on the release plate white the cover assembly turns.

Should I remove the clutch pedal spring to set the clearance? What is the best way to set the clearance? I was having difficulty telling when I was feeling the resistance of the clutch springs. I have emailed you the manual, page 93 (Section E/1) under running adjustments explains the clearance I think it’s the same as the A70/90.

Could the thrust\release bearing not moving properly be causing the problem, was I supposed to put a little bit of grease at each side of the bearing where it fits into the forks so it moves smoothly?

Thanks for your help peter.