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Hi Malcolm,

In my experience, some early Austins had BSF threads, but I think UNF became the standard, though I don’t know when the change was made. I went to put front hoses on my A90 coupe, and knowing that I had a new pair, I was surprised to find out that they were actually A40, and both ends had BSF threads. The correct ones had to be 3/8 UNF.

If the reason for changing the pipe is one of physical damage, simply take it along to a brake shop and have a new one made the same. Here in Aussie, many of the hydraulic hose shops are also licenced brake fitters, and keep a good stock of fittings. They will know what is the same as your old ones, and also ensure that the end of pipe furling is correct. There are both single, and double furls.

Speaking of old, if there is no visible damage to the pipe, check that the hose is not blocked. Over years, the rubber can get become soft, and swell to completely restrict the flow.

With my A90, there were no front hoses “off the shelf” for the model, though MGB hoses were the same.

Hope this assists.