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‘Evening Dave,
Should have mentioned that when fitting a new clutch, there may also be a problem with the pressure plate, in that its springs may be the problem.

In addition, if your own pressure plate is still OK springwise, because of possibility that a worn clutch plate rivets could have scored its surface. These rivets can also do the same to the flywheel face, and it too may need grinding.

Another thing to look carefully at is the flywheel surface. Although it may be still quite smooth an not affected rivets etc, it can develop hair line cracks that can nearly be invisible to the naked eye, with the heat of use, can open up and start to shave the lining of the clutch plate. With A70’s and 90’s, I have experienced these cracks that a 0.005 feeler gauge can be inserted into. Such though, to my experience, is more attune to a vehicle used in heavy traffic, where the possibility of riding the clutch is more likely to occur. With my A90 coupe, over 150,000 miles were done in peak hour driving, and in another A90 convertible, over 250,000 miles in the same type of traffic conditions.

If I can assist in any way, let me know.