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Dave-It does seem like the box will need to be removed. As for the gear changing, from your description it would seem to me that the cable from the steering column post to the gearbox lever on the underside of the box has been causing some of your problems. I think your A40 has the same set-up as the A70’s and 90’s.

Your description of reverse problems indicates that the cable is a significant part of your problem. The cables can stretch, and although an adjustment might only require taking up slack as little as 1/32 inch to get the selector back where it belongs, because the clamping fixture on the lower lever can, and does distort the cable, it can be an awkward and time consuming job to get it right. Perhaps the Counties Spares might have a new one, or can advise where you can get one.

When you get the box out to do the clutch, remember to take off the side cover to be able to check the gear teeth. Don’t lose the thrust spring of the cross shaft as you lift the cover off. Using a good torch. you should be able to visually check each cog to see if there are any chipped or missing teeth. Although a little hard to view each some clearly, each can be view sufficiently to check their condition.