It seems to be the case that most of our members in the UK have now received their belated copy of the Nov/Dec issue of ‘County Counsel‘. Many thanks to those of you who have followed the prompt in the magazine to renew your membership for 2023.

There is, however, still a potential problem for our members outside the UK. As well as the delays caused by the Christmas post and the industrial action, Royal Mail has suffered a further blow, in that the systems that deal with its overseas processing have been subject to a cyber attack, leading to significant disruption to that service.

It’s not clear whether or not our overseas-bound magazines had already been processed before the attack took place, but if they weren’t there will inevitably be further delays.

Once again, apologies for the delays – the Royal Mail seems to be going through turbulent times at present. Normal service will be resumed with the January/February issue, which is already being put together.