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    Hi.. I am sanding down an Austin 8, there are a few coats of paint to get through. I won’t be ready for respraying until next year, and I am a bit unsure about what to put on the bare metal. Does anyone have any advise? do I just leave it until I am ready, or should I coat it in something to protect it? Thank you.


    I’m not an expert in painting, but I should think that you might want to at least a coat or two of primer – you’ll probably end up sanding this back as part of the later preparation process, but it will at least keep rust away – and rust will be harder to get back to a decent finish later on.


    Dear ?
    If you are preparing your car for Paint. The best way is to dismantle the car and send as many of the body panels as you can away for chemical stripping. The club uses dippers Bevlyn in Cradley Heath. The large parts such as the body tub could be stripped using paint stripper. All need to be taken back to bare metal for a first class respray. If you don’t go back to bare metal you can sand back and use a surfacer to seal the substrate paintwork.
    Once you have a clean surface you really need to use an etch primer which chemically attaches to the bare metal. I use Upol 1K Etch primer. This you can spray at home and will be OK in storage up to 6 months before a topcoat is applied. Any longer and moisture will penetrate and rust will be a problem. I’m assuming that you do not have the facilities to paint 2Pack – so you would then have to paint the etch primer with Hi-build Cellulose primer filler before guide coating and flatting ready for your 4-5 top coats of Cellulose colour.
    Hope this helps

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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