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As visitors to the site will know, we have a ‘Sales and Wanted’ page, where parts can be advertised for sale, or the need for a part advertised.

Unfortunately, it’s in the nature of such pages that they sometimes attract people who are dishonest, and we’ve recently seen an example of this, whereby someone has claimed to have parts to sell and then wanted payment in bitcoin, and the same person has responded to another advert claiming to have parts for another car and demanding money up front.

Please be aware of this person trying to con you – the vast majority of our adverts are fully bona fide – but please check fully to your own satisfaction before considering parting with any cash.


  1. Andy Downs

    Seeking a pair of 17” wheels for a 1950 Devon van. Hens teeth comes to mind! Anyone have any suggestions for locations?
    Thank you folks!

  2. Graham Potts

    Try Potts Parts £45 each

  3. Nigel Mott

    Have lost ‘phone number of editor. I want to sell my 1935 Austin 10. Would you let me have contact so that I am able to send fee and photos to catch next edition?

  4. PeteJS

    Nigel, please see our ‘Contact Us’ page for contact details.

    There’s no charge for advertising Austin-related items in ‘County Counsel’, because they may be of benefit to our members wishing to buy them.

    The March/April issue has recently gone to the printers, so the earliest any advert would appear would be mid to late June, in the May/June issue.

    You might also consider advertising with the Austin Ten Drivers Club, as they cover your pre-war Austin 10 – ‘our’ version of the Ten wasn’t introduced until 1939.

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