You can see the details here .

Some of the facts will immediately ring true with our members – others less so – but that’s a product of the wide range of clubs and vehicles included in the FBHVC’s data.

For example – relatively few ‘Counties’ members will have a vehicle worth the £26,000 average value quoted for classic cars, Few, unless undertaking a significant amount of work on a vehicle, will spend £4,000 or so per annum on a vehicle.

But, perhaps that shows one of the great strengths of our club, the membership of which, despite the pandemic, is holding up well.

We have some great vehicles – members have won ‘Car of the Show’ at the annual NEC Classic Car Show in the past, and prizes in ‘Concours d’Elegance’ elsewhere – but generally our cars are ordinary old Austins, maintained on a budget, by enthusiasts, so whilst we certainly have some ‘elite’ cars, we have never succumbed to elitism.

We may use our cars a little less than the average – but many classic cars in the FBHVC’s survey will be significantly newer than ours (and the membership of related clubs might well be younger on average too).

Anyway, the data is there and I’d recommend taking a look – You can add your comments to this post, or, if you prefer, you can write to ‘County Counsel’ .