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New Old Stock Spares

Spares Secretary Ray Dawes has some new old stock items for sale, which are being made available to club members.

Stocks are limited, and other items will be added from time to time as they become available.

See here for further details.


  1. Dave Flavell0

    Hello I am looking for two sets of front door chrome flashes. I am rebuilding a Swallow Doretti with used these flashes on the side of the body and reversed on the doors hence two sets. I was therefore wondering if your club could help me locate these.

  2. Steven.. Southgate

    I’ve just got an a40 sumer set 1954
    There are parts I require
    And I wood like to. speak. to a member
    to find out some information.
    As to. where I can get parts from.

  3. PeteJS

    We have a range of spares available for the A40 Somerset, and we also have many Somerset owners in the club.

    In order to access our spares service you would need to join the club (see the ‘Membership’ page for details), and you can download a parts catalogue on the ‘Spares’ page which lists the parts that we have available for the various models we cover.

  4. Roger Williams

    I am trying to identify a NOS Laygear. Attached picture provides details. Markings are 1A3686 or 1A3686. Also has E8 vertically stamped on shaft.
    Tooth count is 11-20-25-31. Contains bushings and not bearings. It was originally encased in wax. Any info would be helpful.

  5. Ray Dawes

    That part number does not appear in any of the counties cars parts list. With a 1A… number it will be a small car and probably later than the counties range.

  6. Davewhy

    The Swallow Dorretti chrome strips are the same as the front door on the A40 Devon and the Front and Rear wing on the A40 Sports and as such are incredibly rare and in high demand. If you already have some for your car you will find it easier to have them refurbished and re chromed. I doubt very much if you will find any. Regards David

  7. PeteJS

    There a post on the (unofficial) Austin Counties Facebook page (dated Apr. 9th) advertising a Devon being dismantled for spares – might be worth a try.

  8. carlos

    Is there any possibility the club or someone might have the outer rear light holder panel for a 16 BS1 for sale many thanks Carl.

  9. PeteJS

    Hello Carl,
    These are extremely hard to find I’m afraid – they are one of the parts of the car that rust badly in almost every case.
    You can place an advert on the website on the ‘Sales & Wanted’ page, and I can put an advert in the next club magazine if you email me – but to be honest you’ll be really lucky to find one in good condition.
    I can see that yours is badly rusted – but it might be that a skilled metalworker could just repair it.

  10. carlos

    Thanks for reply it is really in a bad state do you think one off a 12 is the same?

  11. PeteJS


    The immediately pre-war 12 HRB one possibly wouldn’t fit, as although it looked the same as the post-war 12 HS1 the body panels weren’t necessarily the same.

    The HS1 12 (1945-47) one would fit – but Twelves are far rarer than Sixteens, so I’m not sure that would help much.

  12. carlos

    Appreciate the info,thanks very much,

  13. Bob Aston

    Sir, are their any fuel senders available for an Austin Somerset 1954 Many thanks Bob Aston.( recent member).

  14. Carlos Alberto Martínez

    Hi Bob.
    Let me introducen my self, my name Is Carlos Alberto Martínez I’m from Bogotá Colombia, S.A.
    Please Let me know if Is possible to obtain info of who can hello me with a new The soft top for a A90.
    Best Regards
    Carlos Alberto Martínez.
    Mobil +57 3172614079

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