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Updates to website

After quite a few years of the previous version, I’ve finally found the time to update the site. Improvements include:

  • Better compatibility with tablet and mobile phone displays
  • A cleaner full screen width look to the site
  • Nicer graphics and images – hopefully members will like these

If any member has comments or suggestions about the website please email .


  1. Mr Peter E Field

    Dear wesite team, M<y name is Peter Field, and many years ago my greenSomerset reg no MKR 915 was stolen. the police informed the DVLA as such.
    I still have in my possesion the original service record, log book, and tool set.
    If any of your membners has bought this car I would like to pass on the afore mentioned, and maybe speak with your club member/present keeper of MKR 915
    Best wishes, Peter Field, tel no. 01444 400989 Balcombe, West Sussex

  2. PeteJS

    Hello Peter,
    I’ve checked the club’s records, and I can see no record of a car with that reg. no. I can also check the chassis number if you happen to have a record of it, in case the car is known to us under a different reg. no.

  3. andrew heath

    Hello Peter. the Viagra advert has re appeared on the sales and wants section, regards Andrew

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