The Austin A70 Hereford was the last of the 2.2 litre line of vehicles that started with the BS1 16 h.p. The Hereford was the successor to the A70 Hampshire, and as with the similarity in appearance between the A40 Devon and the Hampshire, so there was a ‘family’ resemblance between the A70 Hereford and the smaller A40 Somerset.

The Hereford was available as a 4-door saloon, a rare 2-door Coupé, and there were also coachbuilt ‘Woody’ and metal-bodied estate versions. As with the A70 Hampshire, chassis were also made available as a basis for commercial vehicles, including vans and pick-ups.

The A70 Hereford was launched at the Earls Court Motor Show in October 1950, with production finally coming to an end in 1954. The replacement for the Hereford was the new six-cylinder A90 Westminster.