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    Steve Goodrich

    Hi from Australia!
    I am after some quick advice please. Dad and I are rebuilding the engine for our A40 Somerset, a mechanic has done the hard work. Now the engine is returned I am unable to attach the flywheel to the crank. I am assuming the boss on the crank should have studs inserted in it as neither the boss or flywheel have a thread. Could someone please help me confirm if the bolts that hold the flywheel to the crankshaft, should have been inserted to the boss prior to the engine being assembled?
    Thanks in advance,


    I have seen one of these cranks with just blank holes, but do not know about the assembly. Perhaps the fastenings are supposed to be inserted before ass’y, and if they are hex. Hd fastenings, perhaps nuts could be used behind the boss. If a lock tab plate is used between pairs of bolts, that still can be done, with a heavy duty spring washer behind the nut, as well as an appropriate nut threadlock solution. However, if the fastenings are supposed to be inserted before ass’y, they may have round heads with a flat on one side to prevent turning when being tightened. This type of fastening is used on a number of Austin tail shaft connections.

    Hopefully, someone in the Counties Organisation will answer your question with the correct information.

    Hope this assists in some way.



    Hi Steve,
    Unfortunately for you the special bolts should have been inserted into the crankshaft flange before the crank was installed into the block. I’m not sure what spec. the bolts are but I would imagine a non plated high tensile hex head bolt with the correct shoulder machined into it would work. Obviously they are BSF thread. Best to contact Graham Potts to see if he has an old bolt he could send to you for a pattern to have made. I have a photo of the crank and bolts but unfortunately this old fashioned Forum software will not allow me to upload it. If you contact me directly I’d be happy to forward the photo to you. My details are usually in the for sale section of the ACCC Mag.
    Hope this helps.


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