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    My 1948 A40 will eventually need to be resprayed, where do I get the paint? Halfords can do it, but they need the vehicle’s colour code information and the closest trade supplier, 25 miles away, will also need the codes.

    If the ACCC have the codes and swatches for the colours used on the Devons and Dorsets, could you please publish them? Also, could you post pictures of cars that have been painted in the colours that are listed in the brochures? On some brochures, it says ‘Colour—ask your dealer’. Were dealers issued with comprehensive colour charts and if so, do the ACCC have them? If they do, could we see them?

    Without this information, restorers will understandably by-pass the difficulties and choose a colour they like, but before I take the easy way out, I’d like to find out if the original codes and swatches are out there.

    Another idea is to pick a colour that’s meant for a different make of car, but close to the Austin colour.

    I need to add that an ACCC member has kindly supplied me with the mixing percentages and a swatch of my car’s colour, but I’m in two minds about giving the codes to Halfords because the swatch is much darker than the colour in the brochure. As I’ve not found pictures of a car that’s painted in this colour, I’m in the dark—I’m guessing.

    I can’t be the only one who finds the subject of paint a challenge, so if the ACCC consider originality to be important, could they publish everything they have?

    Interior paint schemes are another challenging problem.




    You can get all the Austin colours from http://www.carrestorationpaints.co.uk/ They specialise in Austin/BMC colours. Failing that you could clean up a sample of the bodywork (internal metal trims are often not faded) and get that matched at a local paint supplier.



    It’s also my problem. Have you solve for interior colors. A member of this forum say that the dashboard was gold color .. I,m not sûre?



    Hello Ian, did you find the paint code for the gold color that is recommended for the interior of a Austin A40 Black Devon?



    Hi Bruno, The paint formulas ands swatches of the Counties Perios unfortunately do not relate to any modernpaint mix schemes. They are for the ICI system which is obsolete now as the company was bought up by PPG in the late 1990’s Best way is to get a sample of the colour you wish and get is spectographically analised and mixed – If you can find a paint shop that can be bothered. http://www.carrestorationpaints.co.uk are very helpful in the UK. Which year is your Devon? Very early 1947 and 1948 and early 1949 cars had a light gold colour which was superceded by a Bronze metallicmid 1949 which was in turn superceded in early 1950 by a wood grain effect. Regards David



    My car is a 1948 Devon black color .
    Are you doing this mixture for yourself? But if not, I thank you for your answer … Traduction machinell

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