The Austin A40 Sports

The Austin A40 Sports was an aluminium-bodied convertible small sports car based initially on Austin A40 Devon chassis and running gear and latterly on A40 Somerset ones.

It was produced as part of a collaboration between Austin and Jensen Motors, which also produced the similarly-styled, but larger, early Jensen Interceptor. Chassis and running gear were assembled at Longbridge, and hand-crafted bodies were added at Jensen’s Pensnett factory near Stourbridge – incidentally, close to the site where Westfield Sports Cars are now produced.

The cars are now very sought after, and notoriously difficult to restore properly, partly due to the nature of the aluminium and steel construction. Despite this (or perhaps because of the non-rusting nature of aluminium), a disproportionately high number survive, though relatively few have the original 1,200 cc engine, with many having been converted to use later ‘B’ series engines.

The cars were produced from 1950 – 1953, the eventual end of production being precipitated by the introduction of the A40 Somerset Coupé.