Access to forums – ‘Log in’ section moved to top of page.

I’ve noted that quite a few members have registered for the ‘new’ forums, but that relatively few have posted to them. Following a chat with a club member yesterday, it seems that this may be because the ‘Log in’ section of the home page was right at the bottom of the page, and thus not readily visible.

I’ve now duplicated the ‘Log in’ section at the top right of the page, so if you’ve registered (follow ‘Forums’, ‘Register’ to do so) you should be able to log in and enter comments and question within the new forum(s).

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4 Responses to Access to forums – ‘Log in’ section moved to top of page.

  1. Bluescaster says:

    Hi Pete,
    It may just be me – I’m not new to Forums, nor indeed this one but there have been changes since I visited last.
    This evening I tried twice to post to the General Discussion but could not see my post after submitting, nor find it anywhere else that I looked. It was a simple enquiry as to the latest issue of the Membership list. Any idea what I’m doing wrong please? I was logged on and indeed when I went to the top of the Forums again and clicked on ‘Log in’ it told me I already was. Regards,
    Phil Phillips. Mem.No.169

  2. PeteJS says:

    Hello Phil,
    For some reason the comment (above) had gone to the ‘pending queue’ I’m looking into why this happened – it’s not at all clear why your earlier comment disappeared altogether. I’m using a long-established WordPress plug-in for the new forums – BBPress, and it should simply post comments and replies. Indeed it does for some users, but not for others. I think I’m going to register a couple of ‘test’ users and a dummy thread to see if I can replicate the problem – that’s always the best route to debug software!

  3. Bluescaster says:

    Hi Pete,
    Many thanks for your reply. My apologies for the delay in returning for it – real life keeps getting in the way of my Hobbies:-)

  4. Chris S says:

    Hi does any one have a cylinder head for a Somerset that is ok or needs reconditioning? I am in Poole Dorset thanks Chris

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