Post Code for Rally Venue

The post code for the rally venue is incorrectly shown asWF4 $RH. This was of course a typo – and should have read WF4 4RH. Please return your completed entries by 15th June 2018.

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Barn day – May – Incorrect date in magazine…

Please note that the date for the club’s May ‘Barn Day’ is not 28th May as advertised in the latest edition of ‘County Counsel’ but is in fact Saturday 12th May.

Apologies for any confusion caused.

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Auction of Vehicles at Bicester – 21st March

Used Spares Rep. Graham Potts has drawn the club’s attention to an auction due to take place in Bicester on 21st March of ‘affordable classics’ from the Jaguar Land-Rover collection.

The auction, run by Brightwells, includes a few ‘Counties’ vehicles, including a couple of A40 Sports, a Somerset, and an A70 Hereford Pick-up.

All the vehicles at the very least require ‘recommissioning’ – but from the limited photos, they look like decent restoration projects at least.

The link is here:


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Australian Supplier of A40 Parts

Spares Secretary Ray Dawes has asked that members’ attention is drawn to a supplier of parts for the A40s of our era, some of which are cheaper than he can obtain them for – in particular remanufactured dashboard knobs (see picture below).

The company is called Old Era Services and their website can be found at


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Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show – NEC Birmingham 23rd-25th March



Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show, with Discovery, 23 – 25 March 2018 at the NEC Birmingham

Come along & visit the Austin Counties Car Club on stand 5-740

A discount ticket offer for Saturday/Sunday will be enclosed with the forthcoming issue of ‘County Counsel’ .

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Membership Renewals now Due

It’s that time of year again, and members will receive their renewal form with the next ‘County Counsel’ which should be on your doormat before Christmas.
If you’d like to renew before then, please see our membership page to download a renewal form.

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Oil filter adaptor kit instructions added to ‘Technical Articles’ page.

Ray Dawes has provided some instructions for fitting the oil filter adapter kit (supplied by Hydrajaws)  to A40 engines. These can be found within the Technical Articles page.

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Updated Spares Booklet Now Available

Spares Secretary Ray Dawes has now updated the club’s Spares Booklet, to reflect our current range of spares available to members.

A printed copy of the updated list will be delivered to members with the next magazine – which is currently at the printer for distribution.

To order spares, please complete a spares order form.


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Head Gasket News From The Spares Secretary…

I was recently advised by our supplier that the manufacturer (the only one known) of A40 head gaskets, has advised that that the tooling for making these is beyond its serviceable use and they will therefore not supply any more. They also declined to make new tooling.

Together with the supplier we have now commissioned new tooling and an initial order from an overseas supplier. We were unable to find any alternative to this for a copper and board gasket. This has resulted in a considerable investment by the club.

The price of the copper and board gasket (1A180) from 1st November 2016 will be  £30 each to club members.

A number of members have written about the success they have had with solid copper head gaskets.

We have now also had a small batch of these made. They are made from soft copper and are ready to fit. I am also advised that they can be reused after removing from the engine  provided that they are annealed before refitting. They have been made by a water jet cutting process so are accurate and have nice clean edges.

It may be possible to torque these down higher value than the normal 40ft/lb value, say 5 to 10 ft/lb more. However, if doing this, then I would highly recommend fitting new studs and nuts.

The price of the solid copper gasket 1A180SC  is £35 each to club members and they are available for immediate dispatch

Ray Dawes, Spares Secretary


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New – Club Badges Revised

The club has produced two new grille badges for club members. Both carry the ‘Flying A’ and the club name, with one being a ‘standard’ badge, and the other being a limited edition ’40th Anniversary’ badge. (click on the image below for a full-size picture).


Both badges come with a grille fixing kit, and can be ordered from Ray Dawes, the club’s Spares Secretary, in the same manner as ordering spares.

The cost for the ‘standard’ badge is £40, and for the 40th Anniversary badge is £45. Both prices are inclusive of worldwide postage and packaging.

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